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I still regard having done a few session with you as a life-changing experience. I cannot recommend your services enough.

- Alex Compton, Sydney

I never thought that losing weight could be so easy! I don't even think about food . . . I have lost 21 kilos - my friends keep telling me how great I look! 

- David O'Farrell, Cambridge Gardens

Many people have used hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (nlp) to change their lives - isn't it time you discovered the power of these tools for yourself?

about mind mastery

Hi, my name is Linda Campbell  and I'm passionate about helping people to make the changes they want to make in their lives. After 20 years of working in welfare, I decided to study hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (nlp) because in my personal experience and according to research these tools give better, faster results than many other therapies.

Recent studies have proven that the unconscious mind controls our behaviours (as many people realise when they find themselves eating that chocolate after deciding consciously to stop!).

Doesn't it make sense to communicate directly with your unconscious when you want to make changes?

  • Fully qualified with over 10 years experience
  • Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association
  • Fully insured
  • Caring and compassionate
  • In Penrith, NSW
  • Skype and phone sessions available

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Stress and Anxiety

Do you worry about things that might happen? Do you lie awake at night thinking about the worst possible future? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

These are normal feelings. Hundreds of years ago, they helped humans to survive - a person who could predict possible negative events was able to take steps to avoid the event or to mitigate the consequences.

But in the 21st century, these feelings are often misplaced. We worry too much and often over things that never happen. We also tend to be more sedentary - our forebears were more physically active and, by doing so, burnt up the hormones produced by stress.

The truth is that we need some stress in our lives - it is one of the things that motivates us to do things. When that stress interferes with our sleep or our relationships or our normal functioning, however, it is time to learn how to reduce it. There are many ways in which you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels - but sometimes they're not enough.

If stress is ruining your life, then it's time to take action. Using hypnotherapy and NLP it is possible to manage your stress and start to enjoy life again!

feel calmer and less worried about things that would usually bother me. Thanks again. - Kerrie, Penrith 

The techniques all seemed really simple once I was shown and are really easy to keep with me each day for when I make little stumbles. It has made me much more confident to handle different situations as they arrive instead of backing away as I would have done before. - Karen Langham, St Marys

Usually three to four sessions are required but most clients see an improvement after only one session. The intake session goes for about 1 hour 45 minutes so we can work out a program that will give you the fastest results. That session costs $185 while the follow-up sessions last about 1 hour 15 minutes and cost $165 - a small investment in changing your life. 

So why not do something today to begin enjoying life again? Give me a call or fill out the form and I'll get back to you for a chat. 

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Weight Issues

Are you tired of the weight loss yo-yo? Struggling to lose weight? Sick of diets

Often weight loss programs fail because they only deal with diet and exercise. The diets often leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving more food. It is a battle of pure willpower to stick to the regime. When the feeling of deprivation becomes overwhelming, you reach for the foods you find most satisfying – the very foods that contribute to your weight gain.

With gastric band hypnosis I will help you to re-program the way that you think about food so that you no longer crave those fattening snacks or lollies. You simply find that you choose to eat smaller portions of healthy food … and the fat just melts away. 


Dear Linda,

You probably won’t remember me but I came to you about 3 years ago for hypnosis to lose weight.  I’d tried everything without success.  In fact I was so disheartened I would’t even weigh myself.  I wouldn’t drink water and I hated exercise.  I was sceptical and scared that I’d fail just as I’d done so many times before. So the reason for my email is to let you know that after 3 years I’mcalling my hypnosis a success. 

My lifestyle has completely changed and so has my body.  I’m actively participating in a group sport. I drink water and I can eat what I like because my portions are smaller and I’m full faster.  I know I’ll never be a skinny person.  I like this body. I know it’s working for me now and it’s worked better for the past 3 years. Thank You So Very Much. I appreciate what you’ve done for me, how thorough you were and how easy it was for me to do. - Tracie, Penrith




Now seven months after the hypnotic gastric lap band procedure I have lost a total of 27kg ... I am amazed every day just how much lighter I feel – because I AM lighter.  It’s so exciting to get up every morning looking forward to another day of losing weight. I love feeling lighter; I love fitting into clothes I havent worn for 12 months or more; I love feeling good about myself; I love looking in the mirror and seeing more of the person I want to see and feel I am; I love knowing I am on the right track to losing this excess weight – permanently!  - Sussane Towers, Blue Mountains


The therapy consists of four sessions, over four weeks, and is tailored to your individual needs. Using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and cognitive behavioural therapy your eating habits change and you lose weight naturally. The program covers portion sizes, snacking, cravings, comfort eating and motivation to exercise. You will also be asked to follow some guidelines and listen to a self-hypnosis MP3 download at home. I will be here to help you in any way I can because I know how important this is to you.

The cost of the gastric band hypnosis program compares very favourably with most well-known weight loss, diet and exercise programs. The cost of the first session, which goes for about 1 hour 45 minutes, $185. The other sessions go for about 1 hour 15 minutes and cost $165 but if you pay upfront for all four sessions, then the total cost is $630 a saving of $50!

Give me a call to find out if this program is right for you. 

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Do you often feel sad or angry or guilty?

Does your past control your future? Do you have an inner voice that criticises everything you do? Past trauma and emotional issues can have a significant damaging effect on your physical and mental health. Now, with hypnotherapy and NLP (neurolinguistic programming), you can easily discover and get rid of blocks and issues that have been holding you back. 

Problems like stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, lack of confidence, addictions, anger management and sleep difficulties can all be successfully and positively changed with these gentle, yet effective, mental techniques. Or perhaps you have nagging doubts or an inner voice that criticises everything you do - you can change the way you think about things and develop a positive, energised way of living.

Why go through life, being dragged down by the past? You can choose now to let go of that emotional baggage -  quickly and without more pain. Stress and anxiety levels may drop significantly after only one session with most clients finding that severe issues are resolved and life improves significantly in three to six sessions. The intake session goes for about 1 hour 45 minutes so we can work out a program that will give you the fastest results. That session costs $185 while the follow-up sessions last about 1 hour 15 minutes and cost $165 - less than you would pay for many car repairs so repair your life now!

The session itself is so easy as all I had to do was sit back and relax (literally). Linda's soothing voice and empathy did the rest . . . I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda and the techniques she uses. I believe these modalities are truly underestimated and can be extremely useful to many people. - Halyna Denysenko, Springwood

Since I have used the NLP techniques as taught to me by Linda Campbell, I have more balance and a sense of inner power regarding the influence I have over my life. I was able to understand the personal blocks that had been holding me back for so many years and let go of outmoded beliefs that no longer served me. - Carly Chalmers, Penrith

Contact me to find out how I can help you to move forward with your life.

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Improve your performance

Whether you want to lift your game or wow your audience, I can help you to develop the right mindset. 

In the sports arena, I have worked with golfers, water-skiers, kayakers, footballers, darts and snooker players, and  others to help them improve their scores. I have also worked with many performing artists including singers, dancers and musicians aiding them in overcoming stagefright and developing their techniques. 

Many studies have shown the benefits of hypnosis and nlp for athletes and performers. Using powerful techniques and startegies, hypnosis will help you to let go of any fears and connect with your inner mental and emotional traits that are so necessary for success. Visualisation (mental imaging) has been proven to improve performance and, in sports, to increase muscle mass and speed up healing from injuries. 

Each session is tailored to your needs so that you gain the maximum benefits from each session. The intake session goes for about 1 hour 45 minutes so we can work out a program that will give you the fastest results. That session costs $185 while the follow-up sessions last about 1 hour 15 minutes and cost $165. 

What price success?

Contact me to find out whether this program is right for you. 

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addiction ruining your life? - take back control now!

                                                 We all have addictions - some of us are addicted to exercise or to computers, some of us to ciggies or wine. Some addictions are healthy but many are not. The most obvious harmful addictions are smoking, alcohol and gambling. While it seems hard to 'give up', there are tools that can make it easier. The most important thing is that you are absolutely committed to stopping for your own wellbeing - not just because somebody else has told you that you need to stop. 

Linda has been wonderful in helping me beat my addiction to chocolate! Being diabetic and overweight - my addiction was 'weighing' me down. with her techniques and guidance, I have been able to kick my habit. - Jane Evans, Emu Plains

If you are committed, then hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to change your behaviours and to become free of your addiction. Generally this may take between three to five sessions although some people have been able to, for example, stop smoking after only one session. I always recommend that you have at least one more session after you have stopped to reinforce the suggestions. The intake session goes for about 1 hour 45 minutes so we can work out a program that will give you the fastest results. That session costs $185 while the follow-up sessions last about 1 hour 15 minutes and cost $165. 

So, when you're ready to take that step, have a chat with me and start gaining control of your behaviours!

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