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Grief at Christmas

When people that we love and are special to us die, Christmas can be hard, especially if their death happened close to Christmas. It is three years ago on December 18th when we discontinued my son's life support. He had tried to kill himself the day before and had done too much damage to his body to…

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Feeling Lonely This Christmas?

Every advert, every television show tells us Christmas is family time yet many of us find ourselves alone. Depression rises as Christmas approaches. If this is you, try these ideas.

1) Buy yourself a present. Although you know what it is, keep it until Christmas and increase your enjoyment! Pampe…

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Try something new at family gatherings this Christmas.

How much do you really know about your family? You may think you have heard all their stories but what if they could share one story with you that changed the way you thought about them and perhaps led to a deeper understanding of who they are and a better relationship?

This article by Priya Park…

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Are you dreading the family get-together?

Do you have one of those uncles (or any other relative) who just disagrees with anything and everything you believe in? Or somebody who has a bit too much to drink and then picks an argument with somebody? Here are some tips to help you get through the day.

1) Stay calm – breathe in for a count…

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