Just A Wee Bit About Me

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and Results Coach.

In 1980 I came to Australia from Scotland where I had worked in a prison and then in a children’s home for emotionally disturbed children. I continued in that field here. Over the next 18 years I worked with children, teenagers, families, addicts and domestic violence survivors.

I was often frustrated by how little our clients actually changed despite the intervention of well-meaning professionals. Constantly searching for answers as to why people became trapped in patterns of behaviour, I became interested in the workings of the subconscious mind. Then, while going through a personal crisis of my own, I came across the powerful techniques of hypnotherapy and nlp.

Amazed at the changes I made in my own life, I have since devoted myself to learning and studying those skills. Passionate about helping people to improve their own lives, I guide people to release old patterns of thinking and behaviour, and develop new healthier beliefs and habits. I’m passionate about guiding people to make the changes they want and get real enjoyment from the feedback I get from clients.

I’m fully qualified with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master of NLP and Master of Results Coaching. I have also completed an MA of Health and Social Wellbeing at Nan Tien Buddhist Institute which aims to combine the best of Western learning with Eastern philosophies.

With the power of modern technology, I often work with clients interstate and as far afield as Europe, Thailand and the US.

I’m also an End of Life Doula, helping the dying and their families to on that journey. You can find out more about these services at Walking with You.

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What My Client Say

"Linda, after all the money and time I've spent before my sessions with you - I feel that you've been the most successful in helping me achieve what I wanted and needed. Not only do I thank you for your assistance with myself, but also the help you were able to give family members that we felt were in desparate need of some direction - you have helped them more than I could ever imagine. Thanks."

Urzay Gelsomino, Queensland (Sessions conducted over Skype)

"Thank you for your help with weight loss, Linda. I am finally free of the constant desire to eat! My obsession with food is under control, I love the CDs! Thank you again."

Helen Sweeney, Blaxland

"I was feeling down and had gained weight ... I can honestly say that Linda's method works ... I found myself feeling more positive about life and work. I began to exercise and lose weight, I changed my eating habits ... I gained more clients and won a large government tender, all because Linda helped me think differently."

Gina Field, Glenmore Park

"I don't know what you did with my son but he's happy all the time. He's gone from being an angry teenager to being lots of fun to be with. The stress levels of the whole family have dropped as a result."

Anita Hurley, Glenmore Park

"Thank you for giving me back my life! I was unable to do anything before ... because of the pain. Now I can do a lot more -- the pain is much less. I only need one painkiller a day instead of three or four. As well as less pain, I have less side effects from the drugs. Thank you once more for everything."

Rachel McHugh, Glenbrook

"Still using NLP/self hypnosis to better my life on a regular basis, and am feeling happier than ever I believe. I still regard having done a few sessions with you as a life changing experience, and cannot recommend your services enough."

Alex Compton, Sydney

"Thank you so much, that was an awesome session!!!!"

Sally Bush, Penrith

"Linda has been wonderful in helping me beat my addiction to chocolate! Being diabetic and overweight - my addiction was 'weighing' me down. with her techniques and guidance, I have been able to kick my habit."

Jane Evans, Emu Plains

"Since I have used the NLP techniques as taught to me by Linda Campbell, I have more balance and a sense of inner power regarding the influence I have over my life. I was able to understand the personal blocks that had been holding me back for so many years and let go of outmoded beliefs that no longer served me."

Carly Chalmers, Penrith

"I never thought that losing weight could be so easy! I don't even think about food -- I just eat what I feel like eating. The thing is I want to eat healthy now. I just don't feel like eating all the things I used to eat. I have lost 21 kilos - my friends keep telling me how great I look!"

David O’Farrell, Cambridge Gardens

"I have received NLP treatment from LInda ... for a number of reasons and have found it each time to be an effective way to overcome mental, emotional and physical blocks ,,, Having been a terrified flyer for many years I was surprised and very relieved to find the fear was reduced to little more than an excited feeling upon take-off. In the past I would have spent the entire flight feeling petrified on crashing but on this occasion I was calm and relaxed and was actually able to enjoy the view from the plane window. It was amazing. Thanks very much, Linda."

Monica Devine, Hazelbrook

"After visiting you, Linda, I noticed that our session helped me to cope with situations better. It made me understand that certain personal issues about myself become less important and to refocus my energy in my priorities. Thank you."

Natasha McGill, Mt Riverview

"When I decided to go to Linda my Blood Sugar Levels were bad and my weight was going upwards. I have had diabetes for sixteen years and two years ago graduated to insulin. After four sessions with Linda I am now losing weight and my Blood Sugar Levels are the lowest they have been in ten years. My Diabetes Specialist said the changes in my latest blood readings are fantastic (these tests were done by a pathology lab). I have decreased my insulin intake and there will most probably be continual decreases ahead. I am feeling great and back in control of my diabetes.Thank you, Linda."

Karen Young, Glenmore Park

"I feel calmer and less worried about things that would usually bother me. Thanks again."

Kerrie, Penrith

"The techniques all seemed really simple once I was shown and are really easy to keep with me each day for when I make little stumbles. It has made me much more confident to handle different situations as they arrive instead of backing away as I would have done before."

Karen Langham, St Marys

"The session itself is so easy as all I had to do was sit back and relax (literally). Linda's soothing voice and empathy did the rest ... I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda and the techniques that she uses. I believe that these modalities are truly underestimated and can be extremely helpful to many people."

Halyna Denysenko, Springwood

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