All downloads are in MP3 format. Most come in two versions – day and night. The contents are exactly the same apart from the endings. In the day versions, I count you back up to full awareness while in the night versions I guide you into deep relaxing sleep.

Remember not to listen to these while driving a car or operating machinery. If you have any problems downloading them please contact me. I’ll be recording more downloads over the next few weeks so check back later.

So make sure you won’t be disturbed and find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and relax as you listen to my voice.

Relaxation Downloads

Stress Shifter

This is an easy guided visualization where you identify the physical feelings of stress or anxiety and them move them out and way from your body leaving you calm and confident. The more you practise this the more automatic it becomes bringing almost instant relief. The download includes both day and night versions for only $14.97.

Stairway to Serenity

As you climb this imaginary staircase, you connect to your inner sense and discover a deep sense of tranquility. $14.97 for both the day and night versions.

Light of Relaxation

Enjoy a wonderful relaxation with this guided meditation, This download contains both the day and night versions. $14.97

Your Special Room

Create your perfect room in your mind – a room where you can discover the deep strengths of the inner you. Day and night versions for only $14.97.

Relaxation Package

This is the ultimate stress and anxiety relief package which will leave you feeling relaxed and confident able to cope with all the stresses that our present situation is causing. It includes both day and night versions of Stress Shifter, Light of Relaxation, Stairway to Serenity and Your Special Room. You pay only $29.94 which is half the price than if you were to buy them individually.

Weight Management Downloads

Weight Flows Through Your Fingers

Are you an emotional eater? Imagine your weight just slipping away . . . This is an adaptation of Feelings Flow Through Your Fingers and helps you to identify, and let go of, the feelings that are underlying your overeating. And with both a day and night version, you can choose when to listen to it. $14.97

Enjoy Your Food More . . .

Yet eat less and less. Do you eat in front of the TV or computer? Are you a fast eater? Research has shown that when you slow your eating down and focus your attention on the food, not only do you enjoy your food more but you also feel more satisfied and eat less. This download will help you to focus more on your food and eat less like a Professional Food Taster. Only $14.97 for both night and day versions

Slim Eating

How often have you eaten too much? Or ended up feeling bloated after a meal? To help limit your food intake, when eating, you can imagine how you’re going to feel about thirty minutes after finishing the meal. Get in touch with the feeling of being full and reprogram your mind so that you choose to eat healthier meals. The download contains both day and night versions and is only $14.97.

Weight Management Package

Really take control of your weight! You get both versions of Weight Flows Through Your Fingers, Enjoy Your Food More and Slim Eating for only $22.45 – half of what you would pay if you bought them individually.

Other Issues

Stop Smoking

Take the bridge to a healthier you and save money with these downloads. Listen to the night download to reprogram your mind while you sleep or listen to the daytime version when you feel the urge to light up a ciggie. Both versions available for only $14.97.

Balloons of Freedom

Often we hold on to the negative things that people have said about us – even if they were not meant to be nasty. This process helps you to identify the statements that hurt you and then let them go. It finishes with a gently inner child healing. Only $14.97 for both day and night versions.

Feelings Flow

We all know that holding onto negative feelings damages us, not only mentally but also emotionally. This gentle process will help you to move past those feelings and be able to find more joy in life. $14.97 for both day and night versions.

Healing Pool

Listen to this as you’re falling asleep to connect with your body’s natural healing powers. This is only available in the night version as your body repairs itself while you sleep $9.97

Rainbow's End

What lies at the end of the rainbow? Is it a pot of gold or something else? This journey through a rainbow helps you to connect with your inner strengths and resources. $14.97 for both day and night versions.

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