September is the month to disconnect from social media and reconnect with each other.

Did you know that Australians spend on average 49 minutes every day on social media? And that women spend more time than men?

According to Roy Morgan Research the biggest users of social media are females aged 14 to 24 who spend about two hours a day on social media. Sometimes social media is used to organise events – I have seen posts asking who wants to go for a walk or to meet up somewhere. This is perhaps the most positive of social media interactions. On the other hand, social media use often leads to arguments or even bullying, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Men tend to use social media more for business and dating while women tend to use it to connect with family and friends, and for information. But it is no substitute for the real thing! There is little development of interpersonal skills like conflict resolution, and the instant communication and portrayal of perfect lives leads to impatience and dissatisfaction.

So this month spend less time on social media and use the time you’ve saved to create new connections with others – go for a walk with a friend or visit a neighbor or talk to your family. Remember . . .

Disconnect to Reconnect!