Reduce stress and anxiety

Do you worry about things that might happen? Do you lie awake at night thinking about the worst possible future? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Manage weight issues

Are you tired of the weight loss yo-yo? Struggling to lose weight? Sick of diets?

Break free from addictions

We all have addictions – some of us are addicted to exercise or to computers, some of us to ciggies or wine.

Let go of negative emotions

Does your past control your future? Do you have an inner voice that criticises everything you do?

Improve your performance

Whether you want to lift your game or wow your audience, I can help you to develop the right mindset.

Sports proficiency

I’ve worked with athletes of different disciplines from snooker to kayaking and mixed martial arts. Some have represented Australia and have won world championships. What are you waiting for? Connect with your inner champion now.

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